The Most Expensive Shoes Ever: Antonio Vietri Moon Star shoes


Antonio Vietri Moon Star shoes are unbelievably the most costly shoes on the planet at about $20 million. He made the shoes out of pure gold, a meteorite that was found in 1576, and 30 karats of diamond. Yes, that’s right! During Dubai’s MIDE Fashion Week, these shoes made their debut.

A 24-karat solid gold heel was used to make these shoes.

Back in 2019, Italian creator Antonio Vietri left a mark on the world by appearing the most costly shoes made.

These shoes are made with a 24-karat strong gold heel, 30 carats of jewels, and a piece of a shooting star that arrived in Argentina around 1576.

The Moon Star Shoes were first introduced on a yacht in Dubai as a feature of the MIDE (Made in Italy, Planned in Emirates) Design Week. These shoes have a 24-karat solid gold heel, 30 carats of diamonds, and a meteorite fragment from around 1576 that fell in Argentina.

On account of the lavish materials used to make these shoes and the worth of Antonio Vietri’s name, these shoes have been esteemed at $19.9 million.

In this way, you presently have the decision to either purchase a gigantic manor in Malibu or a couple of shoes that you’ll likely never wear for dread they’ll get scraped. In any case, with extravagance shoes being one of the most important extravagance things nowadays, the Moon Star Shoes could really be a wise speculation on the off chance that you had the means to purchase them in any case.

Why Antonio Vietri Moon Star shoes so expensive?

The most costly sets of shoes on the planet are known as the Moon Star Shoes. These are suitably named in light of the fact that the Moon Star shoes are made from a shooting star that fell in Argentina in 1576.

The Moon Star shoes were planned by Italian architect Antonio Vietri. The sets of shoes are assessed to cost nearly $20 million.

The shoes are made from strong gold, 30 carats of jewels, and the 1576 shooting star. The strong gold heels are formed like a high rise and there are precious stones studded across the vamp. The heels were molded like a high rise to pay tribute to Dubai’s BurjKhalifa which is the tallest structure on the planet.

Vietri appeared the shoes in Dubai in 2019 as a component of the Dubai Style Week.

Even though the Moon Star shoes are the most expensive in the world, they are not the only expensive pair of shoes that have meteorite in them.

In 2015, a London based organization called Studio Pig made “shooting star shoes” that seemed to be lumps of shooting stars. The designs for the footwear were meant to be more artistic than practical.

In 2021, the New Equilibrium organization made tennis shoes that were embellished with shooting star gems. The shoe contained 34 crystal fragments of meteorite, which was 4.5 billion years old. The logo of the shoe was produced using space rock. Each pair of these sneakers was a one-of-a-kind creation. In the long run, the sets of tennis shoes was set available to be purchased. The shoes cost something like 10,000 Pounds (English).

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