All You Need To Know About Sutera Bath Mat

Charcoal-graySutera Bath Mat

Every time you get out of the shower, the Sutera bath mat gives you the feeling of ultra-dry diatomaceous earth under your feet. Dissimilar to spongy shower mats, Sutera’s progressive Stone Shower Mat keeps your feet and your floor completely dry. As you step off the smooth, fulfilling surface, the water dissipates quickly — like you were never there.

•               Fast Drying Diatomaceous Earth

•               Assists with keeping Washroom Floor Dry

•               Slip-Safe Plan Gives Hold

•               Delicate and Breathable On Skin

•               Negligible Upkeep


•               1 x Sutera Stone Shower Mat

•               1 x Slip-Safe Mat

•               1 x Sanding Instrument

•               30-Day Fulfillment Assurance

The ordinary price is $59.97

Rapidly absorbs and evaporates water.

The Sutera Bath Mat was made to take in a lot of water at once, so when you get out of the bath or shower, you’ll feel like your feet are clean and dry. Utilize the included sanding instrument to spruce it up!

Keeps its cleanliness longer.

Since the Sutera shower mat is made with premium Diatomaceous Earth, it stays dry and rapidly retains dampness — conveying a more extravagant washroom experience.

Protected, Secure Plan.

We fostered the Sutera shower mat to assist with keeping your restroom floor dry. A distinctive multi-level pattern has been engraved on the surface to provide grip when stepping out of the bathtub or shower.

Fast Drying Innovation to Redesign Your Restroom.

Sutera Shower Mat consolidates two slip-safe materials to assist with keeping your washroom floor spotless and dry after each shower or shower.

100 per cent Unadulterated DIATOMACEOUS EARTH.

Diatomaceous Earth is a super-minimized material produced using fossilized tiny fish. This super-retentive surface is ideally suited for absorbing overabundance dampness.


For most extreme security, anchor the Sutera shower mat by setting the slip-safe mat under — this will assist with keeping it solid. With the helpful sanding instrument, buff the Sutera shower mat like clockwork to keep it new and clean.


Outside of the Bathroom: Use It in Anyplace You Believe That Should Keep Dry.


The Sutera bath mat is ideal for drying dishes directly on the surface or under dish racks. Additionally, it adds a touch of class to any countertop.


A very well-positioned Sutera shower mat can keep counters and floors dry, however can likewise assist with relieving overwatering.


Fed up with investing energy in cleaning your feet when you roll in from the downpour or snow? The Sutera shower mat essentially sucks the dampness from your shoes.

PET Dishes.

Despite our affection for our furry friends, let’s face it: some of them are messy consumers. Place a Sutera shower mat under their bowl to guard your floor from drool.

What to Do with the Sutera Bath Mat

Only 3 straightforward advances!

Stage 1

Set out the slip-safe mat in any place you need to put your Sutera shower mat.

Step 2

After each bath or shower, simply place your Sutera bath mat on top of the mat and enjoy stepping on a dry, clean surface.

Step 3

 To keep the Sutera bath mat looking like new, use the handy sanding tool as needed!

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