What is the Buc ee’s Pay Scales in the U.S.?

Normal Buc ee’s time-based compensation ranges from around $12.00 each hour for a Sales Associate to $77.24 each hour for a Food Sprinter. The typicalbucee’s pay scale from about $25,000 annually for an Associate to $150,000 yearly for a Head supervisor.

Salary data comes from 1,471 information points gathered straightforwardly from employees, users, and past and present work advertisements on Indeed in the past 36 months.

All salary figures are approximations based on outsider submissions to Indeed. These figures are provided to the Indeed users to motivate summed-up comparison. The lowest pay permitted by law might contrast by jurisdiction, and you should consult the business for actual salary figures.

Buc ee’s has been advertising the amount it pays its staff. It’s a great deal.

In numerous social media posts lately, customers and employees of the well-known retailer have shared their salaries and time-based compensations.

Throughout recent months, Buc ee’s customers and employees have taken to social media to show how much the corner shop retailer pays its staff. Turns out, it’s much more than the normal C-store.

At a Buc ee’s outside of San Antonio, Texas, cashiers, gift, support, warehouse, and staple team members are paid $18 each hour, as indicated by a customer’s July 16 picture that C-Store Jump confirmed. Restroom team members are paid $20, while food service and vehicle wash staff acquire $21 each hour.

The group leads at this store acquire between $20 and $ 23 every hour, while office managers are paid between $25 and $33. Assistant food service managers — the highest-paid hourly employees at Buc ee’s — acquire $33 to $42 each hour.

Buc ee’s time-based compensations can contrast from one state to another. At its store in Leeds, Alabama, the retailer pays cashier, gift, support warehouse, and staple staff $16 each hour. At the same time, food service and vehicle wash employees make $19 per hour, per a LinkedIn post from Shelly Matthews, who works on  corporate H.R. group.

Group leads and office managers in this area are paid between $18 and $21 and $23 and $31, respectively.

The lowest pay permitted by law for hourly employees in Texas and Alabama is $7.25 per hour, per the U.S. Branch of Work.

Buc-ee responded after press time to a request for the amount it pays employees across the organization.

What are the Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Buc Ees Jobs?

We’ve distinguished ten cities where the run-of-the-mill salary for a Buc Ees work is over the public normal. San Francisco, CA, is besting the list, with Fremont, CA, and San Jose, CA, close behind in the second and third positions. San Jose, CA, beats the public normal by $17,257 (25.4%), and San Francisco, CA, furthers that pattern with another $20,775 (30.5%) over the $68,041 normal.

With these ten cities having average salaries higher than the public normal, the opportunities for monetary progress by changing locations as a Buc Ees are exceedingly productive.

At long last, one more component to consider is the typical salary for these main ten cities varies very little at 9% between San Francisco, CA, and Staten Island,

NY, building up the restricted potential for much compensation headway. The possibility of a lower cost of living might be the best variable to use while considering area and salary for a Buc Ees job.

CityAnnual SalaryHourly Wage
San Francisco, CA$88,816$42.70
Fremont, CA$85,658$41.18
San Jose, CA$85,298$41.01
Oakland, CA$84,143$40.45
Antioch, CA$82,407$39.62
Lebanon, NH$81,888$39.37
Hayward, CA$81,481$39.17
Seattle, WA$81,359$39.12
Vallejo, CA$81,315$39.09
Staten Island, NY$80,903$38.90

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